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      Hello, welcome to Lianyungang Weihua Packaging Co., Ltd!  National Sales Hotline:13851287315

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      Production process of aluminum foil bag

      2019-12-26 14:26:57

      Many people are more interested in the production process of aluminum foil bags, want to know how to produce aluminum foil bags. Here, we invite the technical experts of aluminum foil bag manufacturers to introduce the production process of aluminum foil bags for us.

      Aluminum foil bag has the characteristics of metallic luster, good light proof, high reflection ability to heat light, good isolation, strong protection, impermeability to gas water vapor, prevention of moisture absorption gasification of the contents, resistance to bacteria insects; good shape stability, etc., so it is widely used by people. Here is a brief introduction to its specific production process:

      The production process of aluminum foil bag is simple complicated. The overall production process is: aluminum ingot smelting - casting rolling - cold rolling - Intermediate Annealing - cold rolling - aluminum foil roughing - rough rolling - intermediate rolling - finishing rolling (double closing) - slitting - aluminum foil finished annealing - compounding - bag making - aluminum foil bag finished product - packaging. In this process, the whole process starts the raw material of aluminum foil to the processing of plain foil, then composite bag making. In order to save cost time, aluminum foil bag manufacturers usually choose to purchase aluminum foil film directly then make composite bags.

      The above is the introduction of aluminum foil bag manufacturer's technical experts on the production process of aluminum foil bag. If you are interested in the aluminum foil bag, high-temperature cooking bag vacuum bag produced by our factory intend to purchase cooperate for a long time, welcome to contact us by phone. Finally, Lianyungang Weihua Packaging Co., Ltd. wishes you all the best.


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