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      Hello, welcome to Lianyungang Weihua Packaging Co., Ltd!  National Sales Hotline:13851287315

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      Precautions for medical packaging bag

      2019-12-26 14:47:16

      The medical packaging bag can kill the microorganism on the instrument by physical chemical methods, keep the bag in sterile state within the specified validity period, strictly check the quality of the product the materials used.

      1. If the content of residual organic solvent in the pharmaceutical packaging bag is high, it will gradually migrate to the drug to pollute the drug in the process of contact with the drug.

      2. The pharmaceutical packaging bag shall have pressure resistance, so as to avoid the broken bag air leakage caused by stacking external pressure after the medicine is packed into the finished product.

      3. The medicine packaging bag shall have excellent sealing effect to prevent the medicine being damped oxidized.

      4. When selecting materials for pharmaceutical packaging bags, materials with uniform thickness shall be selected to ensure that they can have good performance basis.

      5. The pharmaceutical packaging bag should have good barrier property to avoid the phenomenon of damp, oxidation deterioration of drugs.

      Weihua packaging is a professional vacuum bag manufacturer. If you need aluminum foil bags, high temperature cooking bags, packaging bags, etc., please call us.


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