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      Manufacturing technology of high temperature cooking bag

      2019-12-26 15:47:01

      In order to meet the needs of people for food packaging, more more people begin to use high-temperature cooking bags. How much do you know about the bag making process of high-temperature cooking bags? Next, experts aluminum foil bag manufacturers will introduce this information for us.

      The main bag making process of high temperature cooking bag is as follows:

      At present, most of the cooking bags in the world are made by dry composite method, a few can also be made by solventless composite method coextrusion composite method. The quality of dry composite is higher than that of solventless composite, the arrangement combination of materials are more reasonable extensive than that of coextrusion composite, the use is more secure.

      In our country, at present, cooking bags are made by dry composite method, so only the manufacturing technology of dry composite is discussed here. ? first of all, material selection. According to the final use of cooking bag to determine which substrate, how to combine, which ink adhesive to use. The so-called end use refers to the nature of the food to be packed the weight of the package. After packaging, how high temperature (121 ℃, 128 ℃, 135 ℃ 145 ℃) how long (60min, 40min, 30min, 20min, 10min less) cooking sterilization should be carried out, how long the shelf life (shelf life) of the cooked food should be.

      The above is the introduction of the bag making process of the high temperature cooking bag manufacturer. If you want to know more about this, please contact us by phone.


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