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      Why does aluminum foil bag delamination?

      2019-12-26 17:47:12

      Aluminum foil bag manufacturer Weihua packaging small weave today you briefly analyze the main reasons for delamination.

      A) , ink glue have problems in operation. There are three reasons:

      1. The amount of curing agent does meet the requirements.

      2. The activity of ink glue is enough there is too much expired residue.

      3. If the curing time is short, the crosslinking is enough, the temperature hydrolysis resistance of ink layer are reduced.

      B) , the heat resistance of ink glue is good, resulting in insufficient viscosity strength. At this level, it is because of the problem of selecting product materials. For example, the temperature resistance of ink glue may be insufficient.

      C) , this reason may also be the main reason, that is, the matching between ink, glue film is consistent, which is also the adaptability between materials. Improper selection of glue type may result in poor adhesion fastness after printing, compounding curing, so delamination may also occur.

      So why there is no problem with the inner layer of PA aluminum foil? The reason is that the glue layer of the inner layer is protected by the aluminum foil layer little eroded by water.

      To learn more about the price of high-temperature cooking bags, you can consult the aluminum foil bag manufacturer Weihua Packaging Co., Ltd.


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