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      What problems will be encountered in the production of ordinary zipper bags?

      2019-12-26 17:49:12

      In the process of ordinary zipper bags, the following four problems are often encountered:

      1. The two ends of the zipper the side seal of the bag intersect each other;

      2. The part the two ends of the zipper intersect with the edge seal of the bag has local delamination;

      3. The sealing part of zipper bag body is smooth;

      4. The part of the zipper the bag body is partially delaminating;

      The causes of the above four types of problems are as follows:

      1. The design of local heat sealing head is unreasonable (too small);

      2. Insufficient output power pressure of ultrasonic heat sealing device;

      3. The hardness of silicone rubber pad is suitable;

      4. The design of the local heat sealing rod on the zipper bag making machine is unreasonable, so it is suggested to use the ultrasonic heat sealing device;

      5. The thermal shrinkage of zipper is larger than that of composite film;

      6. The melting point of the zipper itself is greater than equal to that of the thermal seal film;

      7. Lack of heat resistance of ink layer;

      8. The cross section of the daughter mother buttons on the zipper is too large;

      To learn more about the general zipper bag related information, you can consult the aluminum foil bag manufacturer Weihua packaging in detail.


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