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      Various packaging methods of aluminum foil bag manufacturers

      2019-12-26 17:55:44

      Coffee can't be sold with blue packaging. For example, the use of color in food packaging design has the experience that butter can't be sold with yellow packaging design other colors. Because people have a relatively fixed understanding of the product content represented by some colors, these colors can also be called commodity image colors. Some of the commodity image colors come the commodity itself, tea color represents tea, peach color represents peach, orange color represents orange, yellow color represents butter mayonnaise, green color represents vegetables, coffee color is derived coffee.

      The third industry is packaging mechanization production industry. The process of using plastic packaging food products mainly includes four industries: the first industry refers to the production of plastic resin film. The second industry is the processing industry of flexible rigid packaging materials. The fourth industry is food processing industry. The first industry is to use oil, coal, natural gas other raw materials to synthesize polymerized low molecular compounds, then polymerize to synthesize various resins. It can be processed into single multi-layer composite film, which can be used for packaging food aluminum foil bag in food processing factory.

      It can be divided into cans, bottles, packages, bags, rolls, boxes, boxes, etc. according to the packaging type. Food packaging can be divided into metal, glass, paper, plastic, composite materials, etc. according to the packaging data. According to the packaging method, it can be divided into can storage, bottle, package, bag, package, filling, whole set, sealing, labeling, inkjet printing, etc.; according to the product level, it can be divided into internal packaging, secondary packaging, tertiary packaging Outer packing, etc.

      It can effectively maintain food quality. There are many ways to classify food packaging. Such as: moisture-proof packaging, waterproof packaging, mildew proof packaging, fresh-keeping packaging, quick-frozen packaging, breathable packaging, microwave sterilization packaging, aseptic packaging, inflatable packaging, vacuum packaging, deoxidation packaging, blister packaging, body-fitted packaging, stretch packaging, cooking bag packaging, etc. All the above packages are made of different composite materials, their packaging characteristics are corresponding to the requirements of different foods.

      Food packaging is a part of food products. Food packaging food packaging boxes maintain food. To prevent the damage of the physical external factors of the biological chemistry, it can also have the function of insisting on the stable quality of the food itself, making it convenient for the food to eat. It is also the first expression of the appearance of the food, the image of attracting consumption, has the value other than material interest. China Printing cloud platform provides a one-stop online solution food packaging design to food packaging printing, provides an economic, hygienic fast food packaging printing scheme in combination with different product requirements. Many enterprises need to print decorative patterns, patterns words on the packaging to make the products more attractive descriptive. Good packaging can set up a good image of products, improve product competitiveness promote product sales. It can effectively increase the publicity influence of enterprises.

      The relationship between industry packaging color

      The use of visualized color is an important means of color used in the design of color box packaging printing. Commodity packaging box is an important part of commodities, according to the inherent color attributes of commodities. It is only the indispensable coat of commodities, but also the epitome of the image of commodity manufacturing enterprises. As an important element in commodity packaging design, color only beautifies commodity packaging, but also plays an important role in the process of commodity marketing. This point is being paid attention to by more more enterprises commodity packaging box design.

      The use of bright colors such as pink, orange yellow orange red can emphasize the smell of food its packaging. Taste taste. Chocolate, oatmeal other food, mostly golden, red, coffee other warm colors, give people a fresh, delicious, nutritious feeling. Tea packaging with green, give people a fresh, healthy feeling. The packaging of cold drink food adopts blue red with cool ice snow senses, which can highlight the freezing sanitation of food. Tobacco wine foods are often used in elegant simple colors, which give people the feeling of taste mellow in physiology, which indicates that it has a long history in psychology. Most of the clothing, shoes hats are dark green, dark blue, coffee gray, which highlights the beauty of calm elegant. It is the color of these commodity packages that conforms to the physiological psychological characteristics of consumers, which makes consumers make decisions quickly. In this way, the sales of enterprise commodities are accelerated.

      It can give people the association of homology of things, these use the color of goods to reproduce in the color of packaging. Thus, we have an impression of a basic concept of internal objects. Because of its unique connotation, function characteristics, color plays a role of silent Marketing Master in commodity packaging design. This should be enlightening to the designers of commodity packaging. Designers should only pay attention to the beautification function of color in commodity packaging, but also pay attention to the marketing function in commodity packaging design the perspective of economics.

      More than 80% of the information comes vision, color box packaging industry. If the color box designer's grasp use of the packaging color can directly reflect some characteristics of the internal goods, this kind of goods is likely to become the first choice of buyers. Of course, there is also the opposite phenomenon. Some experts in color box packaging design boldly use color contrast to achieve a better more strange effect, but if they do master the measure well, it will backfire.


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