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      How to distinguish the quality of aluminum foil bags?

      2019-12-26 18:03:26

      Today, Wei Hua, a manufacturer of aluminum foil bags, talks with you about how to distinguish the quality of aluminum foil bags.

      1、 First of all, the material of the aluminum foil bag: see whether there is special smell when the sample is purchased. If there is peculiar smell, it will meet the hygiene standard, may affect the normal use of aluminum foil bags. If there is no special smell, you can check whether the clarity of the aluminum foil bag is uniform, whether there is a sense of impurities, etc.

      2、 Look at the firmness level of the aluminum foil bag: the firmness of the aluminum foil bag is mainly divided into two types, consistent with the firmness hot air firmness. Due to different materials, the firmness level of Shanghai aluminum foil bag is also different. The main distinguishing method is to tear the edge of the bag by hand. The bags made of nylon high-pressure film are usually hard to tear by hand, which can be used to hold heavy products such as semiconductor articles large particles, etc., while the bags made of OPP heat sealing film are easy to tear, only some light products can be packed; after the bags are torn, the shape structure of the section should be considered. If they are torn evenly the middle of the bag heat sealing, it means that the heat sealing of the bags is very good Poor, easy to break in the production process, if it is torn the edge, it means that the quality of the heat seal is good; secondly, it also depends on the composite firmness of the packaging bag, the method is to first see how many layers of structure there are at the crack, then see if it can be separated by hand, if it is easy to separate, it means that the composite firmness is good, if it is pulled slightly, it means that the quality is poor; so check the firmness of the aluminum foil bag At the same time, it depends on whether there are bubbles wrinkles on the surface of the packaging bag.

      3、 Look at the uniformity of the aluminum foil bag appearance: first, observe the flatness of the aluminum foil bag. Generally, the higher the flatness is, the better it will be, except for the different needs of materials, such as the packaging bag made of nylon high-pressure film composite, the heat seal of the bag will have a wave shape; it is also necessary to observe whether the cutting edge of the packaging bag is neat, the more neat it is, the better. Suzhou Haoxin packaging only produces aluminum foil bags, but also anti-static shielding bags transparent vacuum bags.

      4、 Look at the printing quality of aluminum foil bag: look at the physical picture of the printing quality of aluminum foil bag, the higher the fidelity level, the better. Second, check whether the bag has drawing, fogging, blocking, missing printing other phenomena. If this happens, it means that the printing requirements are standard. At present, most aluminum foil bag manufacturers are cutting corners.

      For more information about high temperature cooking bags, please contact Weihua packaging, an aluminum foil bag manufacturer.



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