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          Iodophor special aluminum foil bag

          2020-01-14 09:49:12
          Iodophor special aluminum foil bag
          Detailed introduction:

          Aluminum foil bag is a kind of bag composed of many kinds of plastic films, which is mainly used for daily necessities, food other packaging. The surface of the aluminum foil bag will have the characteristics of anti luster, absorbing light, with good blackout, isolation, oil resistance softness, various styles, good water-proof effect.

          The medical packaging aluminum foil mainly includes the easy opening bottle cap of water agent injection the medical PTP aluminum foil. Because of the advantages of moisture-proof, convenient to carry, safety health, PTP aluminum foil is widely used in the international pharmaceutical industry.

          In recent years, with the increasing call for environmental protection, people put forward higher requirements for the use of aluminum foil bags. The green production, green use green recycling of aluminum foil packaging bags have become an important topic in front of people. For the manufacturers of aluminum foil packaging bags, green production is the general trend, it is also the only way for the manufacturers of aluminum foil packaging bags to maintain sustainable prosperous development.

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