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      Hello, welcome to Lianyungang Weihua Packaging Co., Ltd!  National Sales Hotline:13851287315

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      Packing bag of grains

      2020-01-14 09:55:24
      Packing bag of grains
      Detailed introduction:
      Packaging can play an important role in reducing transportation safety risks. Packing bags also prevent food being put into other products. Food packaging can also reduce the possibility of food being stolen. Some food packages are strong have anti-counterfeiting marks, which protect the interests of businesses loss. The packaging bag can have laser logo, special color, SMS authentication other labels. In addition, in order to prevent theft, the retailer pastes electronic monitoring labels on the food packaging bags, so that consumers can get the outlet of the store for demagnetization. Weihua packaging is a professional vacuum bag manufacturer. If you need aluminum foil bags, high temperature cooking bags, packaging bags, etc., please call us.


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