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          Silk socks packing bag

          2020-01-14 09:49:48
          Silk socks packing bag
          Detailed introduction:

          Vacuum bag manufacturers show you the selection skills of packaging bags

          1. Thickness selection

          We often see all kinds of packing bags in our life. The thicker the bags are, the stronger the bags are. In fact, there are strict standards for aquatic packing bags. Especially for plastic bags used for food packaging, we must choose products produced by regular manufacturers approved by relevant departments, so the quality of these aquatic packing bags will be guaranteed. In the light, you can see whether the aquatic product packaging bag is clean. The qualified aquatic product packaging bag is very clean free of impurities, while the inferior aquatic product packaging bag will see dirty spots impurities. The thickness of one side of the aquatic product packaging bag must be more than 0.025mm. If the thickness cannot be reached, production use are prohibited by the state.

          2. Color selection

          The colorful packaging bags attract many people. But we must be careful when choosing. If we use the plastic packaging for food, we must choose the one with simple color, so at least it has less additives.

          When we choose packing bags, we must purchase regular manufacturers to ensure the safety stability of packing bags. The best choice for inner packing of products is no printing less printing. The outer packing bags can be designed more beautiful to attract the attention of consumers.



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